Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds Legally in the UK?

If the legal landscape of cannabis isn’t confusing enough, cannabis seeds operate in an entirely different way in comparison to buying marijuana or CBD products. While buying seeds is generally considered legal, it’s the act of germination (or growing them that raises a red flag with authorities in the UK.

The reason you can find cannabis seeds for sale in shops or from suppliers online is that it IS legal to BUY cannabis seeds in the UK. This is where the confusion comes in, many people assume that since you can purchase seeds legally, then you can also grow them legally which is not the case at all.

We will break it all down for you so there is no further confusion about the legality of buying cannabis seeds in the UK.

Buying Cannabis Seeds in the UK – Is it Legal?

In the UK, cannabis seeds are legal to transport, sell, buy, and own. But growing cannabis from seeds is illegal unless you have a Home Office Licence. It’s also legal to have the seeds mailed in and out of the country from a cannabis seed online supplier. So, just to clarify – planting cannabis seeds to grow your own marijuana is most definitely illegal in the UK.

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

Even though there are strict rules and regulations about growing cannabis seeds in the UK without a licence, it’s still surprisingly easy to buy all the different strains of cannabis seeds from local shops and online stores.

To buy seeds online you must be over 18 and confirm that you understand the law related to buying cannabis seeds. Once you acknowledge that you cannot grow the seeds, keep them as souvenirs, or use them for research purposes, only then can you make your purchase. Online orders of cannabis seeds can be sent anywhere in the UK.

Since it’s the responsibility of the police to prove that someone has purchased cannabis seeds with the intention of growing marijuana, many shops and online stores realise that they are operating within a very grey area between legal and illegal activity.

Buying domestic

Even though the presence of shops selling cannabis products is more prevalent in bigger cities, they can be found throughout the UK. You can buy cannabis seeds from most of these shops, but licenced domestic growers are encouraged to purchase seeds from online seeds banks which tend to be more reliable suppliers.

Punishment for Growing Cannabis with No Licence

The charges for growing weed without a licence in the UK vary based on the level of the operation. For personal use, authorities in the UK currently view seven plantsas the limit. Someone caught raising this many plants usually gets away with a warning. However, larger growing operations that have the intent to sell to others, can end up in jail for at least fourteen years, along with a hefty fine.

The Best Cannabis Seeds for Licenced Growers in the UK

The UK has thousands of successful outdoor cannabis seed growers who grow both photoperiod outdoor strains and auto flower seeds and get solid results with the right seeds. One of the primary challenges for growing cannabis seeds in the UK is selecting the best strains that are guaranteed to provide high-potency and quality products.

The best outdoor cannabis seeds for the UK are:

·         Gelato feminised.

·         AK-47 autoflower.

·         Black Domina.

·         Blue Cheese autoflower.

·         Blue Cookies.

·         Cheese autoflower.

·         Grape Ape.

·         Gorilla Glue autoflower.

·         Lithium OG Kush.

·         Green Crack autoflower.

·         Northern Lights autoflower.

·         Sexxpot.

·         OG Kush.

·         Big White Widow autoflower.

·         Critical autoflower.

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